Works In Progress/Getting Started

HOLLYWOODSCRIPT.COM’S “WORKS IN PROGRESS” is a service tailored for all writers who want deep developmental help as a prerequisite to mounting their creative offensive, i.e.: BEFORE the script is even started, which is the way the pros do it. It also works for writers who are already in the EARLY STAGES of fleshing out their ideas and beyond, and even for writers who are well into their draft and have stalled out somewhere and realize that critical prep work needs to be revised before continuing on.

WORKS IN PROGRESS (WIP) is an intense, personal, “one on one” developmental experience which takes many forms, depending upon your needs. Writers usually want help in two areas: developing a specific project and/or instruction on HOW TO develop and execute. But help is often hard to find. Taking a course of some kind is fine, but there’s little instant gratification and it can be expensive. We trust that WORKS IN PROGRESS will meet these needs and more.

What we give you is 5 full hours of personal attention for $295.00. We converse on the phone, e-mail back and forth etc. If you have material to work withwe read outlines, scenes, treatments, the works. We make suggestions, help craft material, set goals, attack problems and assist you in dramatically upgrading the overall quality of your work at all levels. And we’ll keep careful track of time used and give you an accounting each time we speak. Also, we don’t nickel and dime people for short check-in type calls.

We also work with writers who have finished a script but want intense, ongoing help during the revision process. (If you have an existing script that we haven’t already read, we’ll be happy to do so. It does take some time, but we’ll try to keep the cost to a minimum.)

This arrangement is for writers who want ongoing contact, IMMEDIATE access and help on demand. It’s like literary room service–well kinda…Also, you get to use the 5 hours over a vast period of time. (The 5 hours is good for a whole year from the first consultation.) If it turns out that you only require a few hours help and, at that time, you feel OK about proceeding with your project, we’ll apply any leftover payment to reading your script when you’re ready. It’s hard to see how you can lose.

Works In Progress can also be considered a dynamic way of learning HOW TO WRITE SCREENPLAYS WHILE ACTUALLY PRODUCING PRODUCT!

FYI, most pros have the benefit of creative interfacing at the birth of a project and beyond. That’s what producers and development people do. It really helps. WORKS IN PROGRESS will give you this type of benefit.

If you’re ready, please mail materials (however modest – even if it’s just a short synopsis) to either of us along with a check for $295 made out to LLC. Materials can also be sent electronically (PDF or Final Draft preferred, but try whatever you have).

If you want to pay by credit card, please click the PayPal button right below, but be sure to add $6 ($8 outside U.S.) as they charge for this service:

Please include a signed copy of our release. Upon receipt, we’ll contact you immediately and set up our first conference. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Releases can be signed, scanned/emailed, mailed, or faxed to (215) 665-1907 (daytime only).