The #1 Secret for Selling a Script?

Are you ready for reality?

Agents and producers are important only AFTER the material is ready.
But mine is ready – Honest!!!

More truthmost writers with a new project are pumped. They’re convinced that their script is absolutely ready to be grabbed up. It rarely is. Scripts usually need CRITICAL work. It’s hard (for many writers) to see this themselves.

Honest, professional feedback without risk is essential.

Most of us would rather not hear this (because it interrupts our need for instant gratification), but it’s the truth.

Now there are those who think that if their material is almost “there,” then surely smart professionals will recognize the potential.

No way!

It doesn’t happen.

Material must be hot and and ready or you’re wasting your time.

This is not bad news because it puts the control right back into your hands. Instead of spending your time wishing, hoping, and lamenting, you can put that energy into making sure your script is absolutely ready.

Good material eventually finds an audience. We really believe this! It may not happen on your ideal timetable, but it does happen.

That’s where we come in.

We give careful, perceptive and very professional notes. The price is right and, unlike many of the so-called “readers” out there, we have honest-to-God, industry credentials.

If you’re really serious about pursuing the tough avenue of creating and marketing screenplays and TV projects, please take our advice and treat yourself to this valuable help. It will not only enhance your current project, but it will also provide important insights for future projects.