Mark Beech

Craig is more than a consultant. He has a philosopher’s understanding of life and art. This gives him solid footing when he’s guiding us through the ins and outs of a screenplay…Craig generously answers all our showbiz questions and gives us advice even when he’s not reading one of our scripts. He’s always ready to help. It’s very comforting to know you have a friend you can rely on in the business.

Gary Mangelsdorf

One word describes the professionalism and dedication of Craig and Judy—incredible. They are tireless in their work and brutally honest in their opinions. But in a good way! They’ll keep working with you until you get it right. You couldn’t ask for better script consultants than these two. Their credentials obviously speak for themselves. It’s lucky for us that they’re even available!

Stephen Settle

Others may market their operation as a “writer’s boot camp,” but as a former Marine, I can tell you that Craig is the real DI. He will whip your screenplay into shape, for in reality Hollywood is only looking for a few good scripts.

Randy Schein

Craig spent four hours on the phone with me for one consultation alone! He went over every single page in specific detail and really got the gist of what I was trying to do. He has an exceptional eye for your weaknesses as a writer and is honest about them, but not in a way that is cruel or mean, but is designed to simply help you. For example, one of my weaknesses is a tendency to put an “over the top” feel to some of my scenes and not trust that the truth will be enough. Craig’s sharp eye allowed me to tone down those scenes and my screenplay now has a very strong, alive sense to it. He also really helped me develop my two main characters in a believable way. I don’t approach writing the same way anymore.

Thomas J. Fleming

If a writer is sincerely looking to improve his or her skills, Craig and Judy are two people who can help.  (For writers who are looking for sycophantic approval of poor writing, I assure you that Craig and Judy are not for you.) These two wonderful people are honest, but without any hint of condescension. I’ve come to trust their instincts and insights, not only regarding the first consultation, but also the revision process.  This is a five-start service, if ever there was one.

Zach Bliss

Having worked with both Craig and Judy on different projects, I count myself lucky to have found such a great pair of script consultants. The phone calls aren’t just helpful, but also enjoyable experiences. They each have their own cool style and ways of using their industry experience to arm you with the professionally proven methods needed to tackle the challenge of writing viable screenplays.

Penelope Swan

Every time Craig talks to me about one of my scripts I feel like my head has been cracked open and another mother lode, installed. Yes, winning this contest is over the moon, but it is having this man as a script consultant that counts. He works your butt off and pounds your heart into a wad but you can feel yourself changing from a Wannabe to a Screenwriter. My script, Sunny Kincaid won Hollywoodscript.com and I can’t believe the way Craig Kellem is going to bat for me. He is amazing. First he worked countless hours with me until I had a script worthy of winning and now he’s knocking himself out helping me market it. When I write my novels, I am unafraid of trying anything at all because I know that my editor, Judy has my back. Anyone wanting to write a good novel must have an editor of Judy’s quality. Working with Judy gives me the courage to go on writing. I cannot recommend Hollywoodscript.com too highly.

Fran Mann

Judy and Craig Kellem are like no other script consultants in the world! I could give a long list of reasons, but they all boil down to two words: they care! Judy “got” the story on a soul level! Craig spoke to me about making (my characters) come alive from his heart as if I was his sister. They put their seal of approval on what I am proud to call ‘My Screenplay,’ and helped me win their contest and secure an agent in record time.

Joanne Wannan

Craig is a knowledgeable mentor, and insightful reader, and a cheerleader who is on your side. He comes from an industry background, and really knows what he is talking about. Craig’s notes are keen and insightful. He is also incredibly honest—he doesn’t pull any punches—yet he always manages to remain respectful and kind.

Craig really enjoys working with writers, and always strives to find ways to help them succeed. After a phone call with Craig, I’d always feel energized and ready to tackle any story problem or roadblock that I might have had.

With Craig’s help, I was able to see my very first script optioned, produced, and turned into a movie-of-the-week on the Lifetime Network and it was also broadcast all over the world as well. Thank you, Craig!

Steve Allrich

OK, there’s good news and there’s better news. The good news is that if you hang in there and write your ass off, it IS possible to get an agent, and to have your script read by legitimate producers. The better news is that Craig Kellem at Hollywoodscript.com can help you get there. Craig gives tirelessly of his time, energy, enthusiasm, and considerable know-how, with the solitary goal of getting your script ready to be read by Hollywood. Craig has worked with me in such a fashion on several scripts over the years. Now, I have three produced feature films under my belt, with several others in various stages of development. There’s no question in my mind that without Craig’s expertise, my scripts wouldn’t have gotten the response they’ve gotten from directors, actors, and producers. Craig likes writers (go figure!) and enjoys working with them. Best of all, he knows what it takes to get your script in fighting shape, and he’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to help you get it there.

Tom Shipley

Craig and Judy’s service was created for writers like me, who toil in obscurity; their only hope of breaking into the biz hangs on entering contests and sending out cold queries… If you’re looking for honest, knowledgeable, and constructive feedback that will shatter your illusions of how perfect your script is while giving you a roadmap for taking the genuinely good parts of your script and turning them into a great screenplay, call Craig and Judy… Craig, just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me in getting my script, GET HAPPY, bought and produced. It literally wouldn’t have happened without you.

Anne DeSalvoActor, Writer, Director, Producer, Professor at USC Film School, and Instructor at the Strasberg Institute

Craig Kellem was instrumental in getting my script, THE AMATI GIRLS, produced. He went over it with a fine-tooth comb and guided me into a ready-to-shoot script that went on to win several Best Screenplay and Best Film awards at festivals. He was not afraid to ruffle my feathers, dive in, and make my screenplay the best it could be. I’ve sent a lot of writers to Craig, and will continue to.